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3rdGEAR LLC was formed in October of 2017 based on three long time observations.

First, performance can sometimes be dramatically improved with relatively minor adjustments.  Like using a screw driver rather than a hammer to put in a screw or just knowing the trick to solving a puzzle.  It’s not about boiling the ocean; it’s about seeing and making the right adjustments.

Second, it is all too human to get too close to a situation to be able to see the forest for the trees.

And third, getting the truth is rare.  All too often people, especially subordinates and consultants, tell the boss what they think she wants to hear.

3rdGEAR's success is derived from exploiting these observations.

Tim Forhan has a broad business background.  He started his career as an engineer with Ford Motor Company working in the lab and moving lab findings to large manufacturing environments.  In that role, he was able to learn about manufacturing process and efficiencies along with a strong appreciation for labor relationships.

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After leaving Ford and earning an MBA, he went to work for IBM, another iconic global company.  For 20 years he grew in management responsibilities with IBM.  During that time he worked in various areas including manufacturing, process controls, quality, reliability, product development, intellectual property development and business unit management.  He was particularly effective at putting together strong teams and eventually managed a 100 million dollar product line at IBM.

Tim was recruited from IBM to head global quality for a privately held semiconductor company.  Over the next 6 years he helped manage the growth from $200M in revenue to nearly $600M.  He was a member of the executive team who took that company public and learned about public exit strategies through that process.

After various mergers and acquisitions, Tim joined a privately held wealth management firm in Pocatello as one of the principals.  For 9 years he was primarily involved in building strong community relationships and client acquisition.  Tim’s focus on service, and adding value for others before he worried about what he would get in return helped him to build an amazing rolodex of community and business leaders.  Along the way, almost as a byproduct, he helped grow the assets under management of his firm by nearly 500%.  He is a natural connector and loves to learn and explore possibilities and relationships.  He is a quick study on people and is exceptional at building effective teams.

Along the way, he has participated in many business and community groups.  His experiences in business and his involvement in the community have given him unique and valuable insights into people, strategy, product, growth, process, and profit that not many possess.